Real Estate Law

We represent both commercial clients and individuals in all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property - land and the structures attached to it - including purchase and sale, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions, closings, and management.
Real estate law is a diverse term that includes a lot of different disciplines. Wilcox Law Office offers representation for...

  • Landlords who want to draft a lease for their commercial property.
  • Tenants who are interested in leasing a commercial property.
  • Buyers who are interested in purchasing a new commercial property.
  • Sellers who are interested in listing their commercial property.

Make an appointment with a real estate lawyer today by calling (715) 832-6645. We offer services throughout Eau Claire, WI and Surrounding Areas.

Work with the best

When you have a real estate question, we will answer it. Real estate law is about more than land deals and house hunting. It is about making sure your investments are protected under the full strength of the law.

When you work with us, you work with a lawyer who makes full use of his insightful experience to get you the best outcomes. We offer free consultations to our clients and will answer any real estate law question you have. Call us today at (715) 832-6645 to speak with an attorney who knows how to build a strategy around Michigan real estate.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Commercial and residential leases touch both contract and real estate law. Both landlords and tenants have legal duties and rights that are expressed in leases or implied through common law and statutes. If you have a question about your lease, property, tenant, or landlord, please contact me for assistance and advice.