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About The Practice

The Law Office of John F. Wilcox

John has been practicing law in Eau Claire, WI, for over 50 years now. Before practicing law, John served in the U.S. Army for 2 years. After that he joined his father's practice in Eau Claire, WI, in 1962. In 2001, John opened his own practice in Eau Claire, WI, as well. Over the course of his practice, he has handled a wide range of legal matters. Although his current practice is focused on real estate law, probate law, business law, and elder law, he brings his extensive amount of life experience to the table to provide you with well-rounded advice.

Practice Areas
John primarily practices in real estate law, probate law, business law and elder law. Often, problems in one area lead to issues in another, so he has a wealth of knowledge in related practice areas. He also handles landlord/tenant matters, wills, contracts, foreclosure defense, and property damage claims. Clients also come to him for guidance with unusual or unique legal problems. John's extensive amount of experience allows him to advise you on a wide range of legal matters outside of his practice areas.

John has also worked with many lawyers that focus on other practice areas. So, if you have a legal issue and aren't quite sure where to turn, call John and he will either help you himself or refer you to another professional lawyer experienced in the area you are needing. You can reach John at 715-832-6645.